41st George Bush    VFW Post 4344 Houston, Texas

40th Ronald Reagan

"Let me say I would fly half way around the world for the honor of meeting with the VFW."

38th Gerald R. Ford    VFW Post 830 Grand Rapids, Mich.

37th Richard M. Nixon    VFW Post 2081 Whittier, Calif.

36th Lyndon B. Johnson    VFW Post 856 Austin, Texas

"The conviction of the Veterans of Foreign Wars that our heritage of freedom must be protected is a signal to all your fellow citizens that courage and commitment continue to be honored and celebrated."

35th John F. Kennedy    VFW Post 5880 Brockton, Mass.

"By your magnificent wartime service you have defended America's freedom and security.  Today, as veterans, you serve with equal tenacity, devoting brain and heart to the task on keeping our country strong."

34th Dwight D. Eisenhower    VFW Post 3279 Abilene, Kan.

"The record of the VFW, working today on behalf of our National Security, adds honor to your proud tradition of military service in all parts of the world.  As strong defenders of peace, you exemplify the highest quality of American citizenship."

33rd Harry S. Truman    VFW Post 35 Kansas City, Mo.

"My membership in the VFW has long been a source of pride and personal satisfaction because of the high ideals that have been exemplified throughout the lifetime of the VFW.  I am sure I speak for all our fellow Americans in voicing my confident expectation that the VFW will ever stand in the forefront in unselfish devotion to our Nation."

26th Theodore Roosevelt    VFW Member-At-Large, New York