Project: lend a helping hand

    July 2001 Post 970 embarked on a new and somewhat difficult challenge, but we succeeded.  It started with a spring time visit by Commander Moore to the home of a widow of a veteran of WWII and member of the famous 442nd Regimental Combat Team, our Nation's most decorated combat unit of WWII.  It was during this visit that Comrade Moore first noticed that the home had dell into a near state of disrepair.  Comrade Moore brought the matter to the attention of his post members, who unanimously approved the project to refurbish and paint the widow's home.  After several meetings with the widow, Comrade Moore received her permission to fix up her home.  This was followed by getting support from the manager of a Home Depot Store in Iwalei who provided most of all the painting materials, supplies and 20 gallons of paint.  Then a small taskforce of men and women started on the weekend of 21 July and 22, 2001, with pressure hoses, sanding machines, paint scrapers, and pure grit, laying out the ground work on what would later become a grand spanking new looking home.  After six weekends of pretty steady hard work, the task force was finished.  New wood frames with new screens were put up over all the windows, the entire crawl space below and around the home was framed in and after putting 20 gallons of paint on that old house, it became a new home for the window and dear friend of VFW Post 970.

    And naturally, there was a topping off party which was held at the home of Comrade Ralph and his wife, Bobbie Moore.  this was to celebrate the hard work and accomplishments by a fine group of comrades who got together and helped make the life of a widow a little bit better.  The party was pot-luck with home style recipes, B-B-Q steak and rib, you name it came with all the  trimming

    Mahalo for a job well done goes to comrades: Annarene Napoleon and her daughter, Kay Turner and her son, Nate, Kevin  Graeber, Nathan Daly, Tommy Lau, Calvin Griffin, Frank Lamson, Calvin T. Yonamine, Lane Martin, Dean Miller, Mark Crabbe, Bill Daves, Rich Horan and our very own Post Commander Ralph Moore and his wife Bobbie who also helped on this Post 970 Project: Lend a helping hand.

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Ralph Moore: Project Chairman

VFW Post 970