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Helping the Homeless Veterans

Comrade Scott Bonner presented a $200 donation from VFW Post 970

to SGT.MAJ (ret) Allan J. Kellogg Jr. for homeless veterans


SGT.MAJ (ret) Kellogg works for the Veterans Administration (Benefits, E-Wing Tripler AMC).  He runs a linen closet for the homeless veterans in Hawaii.   Homeless veterans in need can go to SGT.MAJ (ret) Kellogg and receive donated clothes, shoes, toiletry items, and food coupons to McDonalds.   SGT.MAJ (ret) Kellogg does not receive any money from the VA for this program.  Everything that is handed out to our less fortunate veterans, is donated. 


SGT.MAJ (ret) Kellogg is a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient for his actions in Vietnam.


At the July 11 meeting I asked my comrades in Post 970 to bring donated clothes to our next meeting 8 August 02.  If any member would like to donate extras, I will post a list of critically short items soon.  SGT.MAJ (ret) Kellogg told me if we buy soap, shampoo, toothpaste or such items, they should be travel size. 


Please contact us at e-mail commanders_p00970@vfwhawaii.org To avoid confusion please address your comments to Helping Homeless Vets_p00970, the commanders belong to multiple post committees


Calvin T. Yonamine: Project Chairman

VFW Post 970