SGT.MAJ (USMC ret) Kellogg provided the following list of items that he needs for the homeless veteran outreach program.  You can bring any of these items to any of the stated 970 post meetings and give them to Comrade Bonner who will deliver the items to SGT.MAJ (ret) Kellogg.  If you are visiting the VA you can drop the items off at the front desk.  Tell the clerk the items are for SGT.MAJ Kellogg.



Nail Clippers

Shaving Cream (small)

Disposable Razors

Tooth Brushes

Tooth Paste

Combs/Small Hair Brushes

Foot Powder (small)


Shampoo (hotel size)


Face Cloths, Small Towels

Boxes of Envelopes


Laundry Detergent (economy size, small)

Insect Repellent

Small Carrying Bags (@4.00)

Used Sea Bags/Duffle Bags

First Aid Items (band aids, antiseptic cream, etc)

Shower Shoes (all sizes)

Small Canned Goods ("pop tops" 3 inches)

Cookies (6 to a pack, snack size)

Buss Passes (one day passes)

McDonalds Gift Certificates ($5.00 per book)

any food that does not require refrigeration

small can openers (manual)

Baseball Caps or Hats


Note:  If you would like to make a donation to help the homeless veterans outreach program please make checks payable to:

Department of Veterans Affairs and on the memo line write "for homeless veterans".  NO CASH please